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Re: [Condor-users] submit to a remote pool, from a linux machine, to an osx manager

On Sep 16, 2010, at 21:42 , Edier Alberto Zapata Hernández wrote:

You can set the Arch and OpSys in the submitFile.


"Arch and OpSys are set equal to the Arch and OpSys of the submit machine. In other words: unless you request otherwise, Condor will give your job machines with the same architecture and operating system version as the machine running condor_submit."

This will work for the jobs/nodes within the DAG, but the condor_dagman process won't pick up these attributes from the job submit file.

I dont know a way for you to run a Linux program in a BSD System (unless they had installed the port for linux binaries. MacOs is BSD) But really I never test it. I always run BSD in BSD and Linux in Linux. And... I think you should do the same, maybe you can get 2 binaries, 1 for Mac and 1 for Linux and submit them with Arch set to the correct one.

I have both binaries, but I can't get condor_submit_dag to use the right one without errors. I think there is a bug in one of them anyhow, because the -Dagman flag seems to cause problems with one and not the other...

A little more investigation will be needed, but i've already spent too much time on it.