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[Condor-users] Meaning of the variable VM1 User

Hi Condor-Users!


I am working with a software that has been developed with Condor version 6.7.


The users are asked to set the following Condor variables in order to submit and execute jobs.


VM1_USER = condor user account



The problem is that I have installed Condor 7.4.1 instead of Condor 6.7.

In the 7.4.1. version the variable ALLOW_REMOTE_SUBMIT is not present in the condor_config file.

Is there any other variable in this version that is equivalent to ALLOW_REMOTE_SUBMIT?


What is the function of the variables VM1_USER and EXECUTE_LOGIN_IS_DEDICATED?


I believe that the software wants that all the machines connect to the same directory on the VM1_USER account and that Condor runs always on that directory and not on a temporary local directory (created in C:\condor\execute). On this way it is not necessary to transfer all the necessary files and data to this temporary directory.


Can I just add the variables ALLOW_REMOTE_SUBMIT, VM1_USER and EXECUTE_LOGIN_IS_DEDICATED in condor_config file of the 7.4.1. version?

I have tried it but Condor continues running in a temporary directory created locally on every machine in C:\condor\execute.

And it fails because it cannot find the necessary files.


Is there any kind of conflict between Condor 7.4.1 and how I am defining these variables?


Should I just give up and install Condor 6.7 instead?

In this case where can I download this version?...I haven’t found it at http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/.

Is the Condor 6.7 manual available somewhere?


Best Regards,




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