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Re: [Condor-users] Submit Jobs question.

> 2010/9/23 Edier Alberto Zapata Hernández <edalzap@xxxxxxxxx>
> >> NUM_CPUS = 1
> >> 
> >> And then the machines would only advertise 1 slot each.
> > 
> > But what happend with the other 3 cores? Condor will not use them?
> Just to be clear here: *Condor* doesn't use cores, your jobs use cores.
> Condor will only run one job at a time on the machine, but all of the cores
> are accessible to the job. There are valid cases for only advertising one
> slot on a multi-core machine. You may not have a case here. For example: if
> you have a multi-threaded, CPU-intensive application you may want your
> machines to advertise one slot because running >1 job at time simply slows
> everything down as threads swap continuously.

You may also be interested in "Whole Machine Slots".  See here:

Another option is to modify your execute machine's configuration with:
This will force the machine to only publish a single processor.  Your job 
would need to know how to detect the correct # of CPUs and create the correct 
number of child processes or threads.  I think that the above (Whole Machine 
Slots) is probably a better choice, though.


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