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[Condor-users] web services client


I am attempting to use the web services client and am having some difficulty.  Running 7.4.3.  I have enabled web services, set a different port for schedd, and tested connections successfully with both curl+soap message and the example perl script provided on the wiki.  Now I am attempting to create a java web services client.  I have generated the java stub files from both the schedd and collector wsdls, compiled them, and built two relative jars to use in my project.  In the examples I've seen through much searching, I see getting handles on the CondorScheddLocator and CondorScheddPortType.  However, I see neither of those surfaced in the stubs provided.  Have I left something out, are these not supported in 7.4.*, is there some other method to make the soap calls?  Asking for a 'jump-start' example to get me going!

Thank you!