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[Condor-users] High vs. low priority jobs

Title: High vs. low priority jobs


I'm trying to use condor for two types of jobs on my local machine: A set of research jobs, that should run whenever there are free resources and a high priority job. Basically, whenever a high priority job is submitted, this should cause the research jobs to vacate and only return once the high priority job has finished. The reason for this is that the high priority job will eventually be an OpenMP job which will need all cores on the machine.

I've tried to do this by using different priorities (-19 and 0) but condor_q tells me that the research jobs are still running if I submit a high priority job. I originally thought this is due to a wrong value of MaxJobRetirementTime, but according to

condor_config_val MaxJobRetirementTime

this is set to zero.

What am I doing wrong?