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Re: [Condor-users] High vs. low priority jobs


We're doing something similar of a few of our clusters at Purdue.
Here's the config we use on the startd side:

# Prefer doubletake jobs
RANK = ( DoubletakeJob )*9000

# suspend or preempt if current job isn't a doubletake job and
# incoming one is.  Should also have the effect of not preempting
# doubletake jobs for anything on these nodes
MaxJobRetirementTime = 24*3600*( DoubletakeJob )

SUSPEND    = ($(SUSPEND)) && ( DoubletakeJob =!= True )
PREEMPT    = ($(PREEMPT)) && ( DoubletakeJob =!= True )

And then on the submit side, we have:

# Set a ClassAd for jobs submitted from here to use in premption
DoubletakeJob = True

This means every job from this submitter gets marked as a Doubletake
job (which is appropriate for our setup).  If you're submitting both
priority and non-priority jobs from the same submitter, you can add a
line like such to your submit file

+DoubletakeJob = True

Hope this helps!

Ben Cotton
Systems Research Engineer
IT Research Systems
Purdue University