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Re: [Condor-users] Security instructions for basic condor cluster

On 4/4/11 10:20 PM, Brian O'Meara wrote:
Hi, all. I am trying a small Condor install in my lab group with the eventual goal of expanding it to our department. I've installed Condor version 7.5.6 on Mac OS 10.6.7 on both a desktop (manager, execute, submit) and a laptop (execute, submit) [I tried using the stable build, but had an issue with ssh access to my desktop stopping working, so decided to try the dev build instead]. Basically, I think I need a pointer to a good guide to setting up proper authentication (yes, I have RTFM and also Googled). My immediate problem (and this might just be an indicator of my broader issues) is that when I do condor_submit on the laptop (non-manager computer), I get:

    Submitting job(s)
    ERROR: Failed to create cluster

And when looking at the Schedlog on the manager for this time, see

04/04/11 20:52:34 (pid:52253) IPVERIFY: unable to resolve IP address of omearalab6.local

The above message likely means that $(FULL_HOSTNAME) is included somewhere in your ALLOW settings, and since the hostname doesn't have a DNS record, Condor is failing to turn that into an IP address. You can confirm that with something like the following command:

condor_config_val -dump | grep -i ALLOW

That failure is not critical as long as some other ALLOW setting matches the IP address of the connection from condor_submit. Are there any other lines in the log that could help indicate what is going wrong? Is authentication failing? Is authorization failing?