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[Condor-users] Security instructions for basic condor cluster

Hi, all. I am trying a small Condor install in my lab group with the eventual goal of expanding it to our department. I've installed Condor version 7.5.6 on Mac OS 10.6.7 on both a desktop (manager, execute, submit) and a laptop (execute, submit) [I tried using the stable build, but had an issue with ssh access to my desktop stopping working, so decided to try the dev build instead]. Basically, I think I need a pointer to a good guide to setting up proper authentication (yes, I have RTFM and also Googled). My immediate problem (and this might just be an indicator of my broader issues) is that when I do condor_submit on the laptop (non-manager computer), I get:

    Submitting job(s)
    ERROR: Failed to create cluster

And when looking at the Schedlog on the manager for this time, see

    04/04/11 20:52:34 (pid:52253) IPVERIFY: unable to resolve IP address of omearalab6.local

Submitting jobs from the master computer works fine.

In the master computer's condor_config file, I have

    ALLOW_WRITE = bomeara@*/,, omearalab5.ee.utk.edu, omearalab6.local

And in the laptop's condor_config file, I have

    ALLOW_WRITE =, omearalab5.ee.utk.edu, omearalab8.ee.utk.edu, omearalab3.dyndns.org, omearalab6.dyndns.org

condor_status on both machines shows just the nodes on the desktop machine.

I've written how I did the install/config at http://www.brianomeara.info/lab/condorinstall .

The first issue is that host-based authentication seems not to be working. However, the bigger issue is that it seems that I should be using password-based authentication (kerberos and certificates not really being an option). I've read the fine manual at http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v7.5/3_6Security.html#SECTION00463400000000000000 about this but have found it a bit opaque. I have tried to do section 2.1.1 of  http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/osg_security_recommendations.html but that hasn't resolved the problem. Searching for other resources hasn't been fruitful. It would be wonderful if someone could point me towards something with a more basic outline of what to do, complete copies of configuration files with all the information needed for password authentication (of course, keeping the actual password secret), or something else similarly helpful. I'm happy to reinstall condor completely if that's the best approach, of course.

Thank you,

Brian O'Meara
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
U. of Tennessee, Knoxville

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