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Re: [Condor-users] problem with transfer_input_files

I have not transferred files a lot, but one thing you might look at is where the files your are trying to transfer are located. I believe if the files are in the same directory as the submit files, then you do not need to specify a path. If these files are in a different directory, then I think you need to specify the initialdir job ClassAd.

For Windows, the default submit ClassAds include:

should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT

You might give this a shot.

From: Shruti Mudra <shruti.mudra@xxxxxxxxx>
To: condor-users@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 04/11/2011 07:58 AM
Subject: [Condor-users] problem with transfer_input_files
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Hi Everyone,

I have 6 window machines connected to each other, I have set of functions needed for my simulation to run in a separate folder on one of my machines and when I try to transfer these functions on the executing machine I get a error saying No such or directory found. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem.
Here is my submit file
# Submit file for combining the output
universe = vanilla
Executable = C:\Progra~1\R\R-2.11.1-x64\bin\Rscript.exe
getenv = true

when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
transfer_executable = false

Output = sim_boot_omega_3_Combine.out
Log = sim_boot_omega_3_Combine.log
error = sim_boot_omega_3_Combine.error

Requirements = TARGET.UidDomain == "omegalab.odu.edu" && \
TARGET.FileSystemDomain == "omegalab.odu.edu"

input = combine_output_files.R
arguments = combine_output_files.R

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