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[Condor-users] fetchwork plus partionable slots


and another thread for a newly encountered problem.

We have compute nodes with 4 cores and using partionable slots on these. We 
have fetchwork (with boinc) running on these, however, as there only exists 
slot1@host, we only get one instance of boinc running there. It does work 
nicely if I statically declare the slots, but that would clash with users' 

Is there a way to tell Condor while starting a fetchwork job, that it should 
NOT run under the "real" slot1, but rather under a virtually created one, i.e. 
slot1_1? The fetchwork script output request_cpu=1, request_memory=400 and 
request_disk=100, but that's only sufficient to let condor launch the job.

Any thoughts how this can be accomplished?