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[Condor-users] Condor 7.4.4 on win7 - starts but does not participate in Condor Grid

I doubt this is a issue with Condor but just in case anyone
has seen similar.

Our central IT guys here have recenetly been deploying Condor
using some windows packaging stuff and things are working
for win xp machines without issue. We have also seen things
working on a win 7 test box but now "it's just stopped working".

The win 7 test box no longer seems to be talking back to
the master and, if we fire up a DOS box and try to run a
condor_status, we see a message about not being able to
reconcile a value for the config file from either
%CONDOR_CONFIG% or from some windows registry key, the
name of which escapes me now (HKEY\software\...)

What I think is happening (but I am not a windows man) is
that the service starter is managing to fire up condor_master
(becasue all the executable are running) but something's
blocking access to the hive key or not propagting the env
var to the spawned executables.

If, in the DOS box, we set the env var %CONDOR_CONFIG%,
then we can run, eg, a condor_status that is obviously
talking to the master so connectivity is unlikely (?) to
be an issue.

Anyone think of a mechanism whereby the scenario, as
described above, unfolds.

Would trying to have the windows service starter run from
the directory containing the config file alter things, as
in, do the executables "look" in the current directory before
they query the env var or hive key, in which case one could
cross off any potential "access issues" that way?

I am after info I can feed back to the central IT folk who
operate the windows boxes that comprise the grid, as I don't
have (and don't want!) admin access to those.


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