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[Condor-users] Special "admin" jobs

Dear Condor Experts,

I'm currently dealing with the following task: We have a pool of
machines under control of Condor. All Condor Jobs are jobs using a
certain software package on the pool machines. For this software package
we get updates about once a week and I would like to have the
possibility to submit an "update job" to Condor (the update job runs the
update process of the software package) such that a currently running
user job is aborted for the update and then restarts after the update
has finished. Thus, I would like to tell Condor:

"If there is an update job for machine X found in the queue submitted by
a certain user then abort the currently running job on machine X and run
the update job."

I think it should be possible using the KILL variable in the startd
configuration of the machines but I have no idea how I can translate the
condition "if there is an update job submitted by the an "admin" user"
into a condition which Condor can understand.

Thanks for your help!