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Re: [Condor-users] Special "admin" jobs

What I do is that I have a script that launches applications like that. The first thing the script does is to update the application and then run it.

It works for me. There probably are better ways to do it. I am not an expert by any measure.


On 4/16/11 10:14 AM, Felix Wolfheimer wrote:
Dear Condor Experts,

I'm currently dealing with the following task: We have a pool of
machines under control of Condor. All Condor Jobs are jobs using a
certain software package on the pool machines. For this software package
we get updates about once a week and I would like to have the
possibility to submit an "update job" to Condor (the update job runs the
update process of the software package) such that a currently running
user job is aborted for the update and then restarts after the update
has finished. Thus, I would like to tell Condor:

"If there is an update job for machine X found in the queue submitted by
a certain user then abort the currently running job on machine X and run
the update job."

I think it should be possible using the KILL variable in the startd
configuration of the machines but I have no idea how I can translate the
condition "if there is an update job submitted by the an "admin" user"
into a condition which Condor can understand.

Thanks for your help!

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