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[Condor-users] Jobs aren't running on a specific machine

Hi Everyone,

I have 6 window machines, that are dual core(Each machine having slot1 and slot2), and I have some R jobs which I want to run on a specific slot of specific machine, for suppose I have three different jobs J1,J2,J3 and I want to run on machines slot1@M1, slot1@M2 and slot1@M3 respectively and when I submit this on condor jobs aren't running (running for few seconds and exiting)

Here is my submit file
universe = vanilla
Executable = C:\Progra~1\R\R-2.11.1-x64\bin\Rscript.exe
getenv = true

Output = sim_boot_omega_3_1_3.out
Log = sim_boot_omega_3_1_3.log
error = sim_boot_omega_3_1_3.error

Rank = Machine == "slot1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

input = sim_boot_omega_3_1_3.R
arguments = sim_boot_omega_3_1_3.R


I have tried using Requirements instead of Rank but, still I jobs don't run. can anyone tell me what might be the problem.