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Re: [Condor-users] Submitting jobs takes a long time

Xenia Fave wrote:
Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is an issue with condor or with our system, but whenever I do condor_submit <myjob> it takes almost a minute to finish, say job submitted succesfully, and return to the command prompt. However I can check the queue for the job while waiting and see that not only is my job there but in some cases its already begun running. Its not a huge problem if I am only submitting a few jobs but when I need to do 50 or a 100 it becomes aggravating. Has anyone else ever encountered this?

What version of Condor are you using?
How are you invoking condor_submit (aka command line args?) and what does your submit description file look like?

In the absence of something to look at, one completely wild guess is you are using 7.4 or earlier, your submit file has "log = /somewhere/on/nfs", and your nfs volume is slow or the nfs lock daemon is timing out when condor_submit tries to write a submit event into the specified log file after it already handed the job to the condor_schedd daemon. To test this wild guess, try submitting without the "log = " line and see what happens.

hope the above helps,