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Re: [Condor-users] Defining Minimum and Maximum Memory in Dynamic Provisioning

On 08/10/2011 12:02 PM, Edier Zapata wrote:
Good morning,
  I've been using Dynamic Provisioning and I works perfect when you add
the request directives in the submit file, but if you miss the
request_memory your job only get 1MB of RAM,
1. Is there a way to define a Minimum value when no Memory is request?

Only on the submitting side right now. I considered minimums on the execute side, but never worked it out completely.

# Base RequestMemory to use if not provided by user
RequestMemory = 1024
SUBMIT_EXPRS = RequestMemory

2. My system have this RAM: Server 1: 24036 Server2 and 3: 32057, How
can I add a directive to prevent request_memory outside range, I mean,
If someone add: request_memory = 35000 I want that Condor changes this
value to $(DETECTED_MEMORY) automaticaly, Is this possible?

request_memory (translated into the RequestMemory attribute on your job) is actually an expression, not just an integer. You could,

request_memory = ifThenElse(TARGET.Memory < 35000, TARGET.Memory, 35000)

or something like that anyway.