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Re: [Condor-users] Problem with multiple machines in a Windows pool

It also crashes for me with 7.6.1
But runs OK in 7.6.2
C:\temp\condor-7.6.2\bin>condor_rmdir /?
condor_rmdir.exe version 1.0.0 Built Jul 14 201123:14:29
useage: condor_rmdir.exe [/? | /HELP] [@{argfile}] [args] <dir>
  remove directory <dir>, taking ownership and removing
  ACLs as necessary. Where [args] is one or more of
  /HELP              Print useage
  /?                 Print useage
  /VERBOSE           Print detailed output.
  /DIAGNOSTIC        Print out internal flow of control information.
  /PATH:path         delete <path>
  /S                 include subdirectores
  /C                 continue on access denied
  /Q                 Quiet mode - Print error output only.
  /NODEL             don't delete. (ACLs may still be changed)

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The program crashes for me on 7.6.1 windows xp/7


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try running

     condor_rmdir /?

from a command prompt.  does it crash? or do you get the basic useage


On 8/23/2011 6:34 PM, Ralph Finch wrote:
> c:\condor\bin\condor_rmdir.exe is enabled in every machine's
> condor_config file, that is, the two lines mentioned below are
> un-commented.
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