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[Condor-users] How to configure priorities so a user is guaranteed X slots of at least Y MIPS?

We don't really need the fair-share priority calculations discussed in the User Priorities section of the manual. All we need is to sometimes explicitly guarantee that user Bob can dominate 20 fast (high MIPS) slots for a couple weeks and that user Joe can dominate 10 fast slots. We don't need preemption either; it's fine if Bob and Joe simply take over the fast slots as they come free.


Can the priority system I've described be set up with Condor? I can't glean how from the manual myself. A per-user "static group quota"? Perhaps I misunderstand the default algorithm and what I can do with condor_userprio?


If I understand correctly I need to customize the default algorithm in two ways: 1) I don't want relative EUPs to determine allocations. I want to explicitly guarantee a user X slots regardless of what anybody has been doing. 2) Half-life and usage time are irrelevant; I want my explicit "priorities" to persist indefinitely until manually changed.