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Re: [Condor-users] How to configure priorities so a user is guaranteedX slots of at least Y MIPS?

>> We don't really need the fair-share priority calculations discussed
in the User
>> Priorities section of the manual. All we need is to sometimes
>> guarantee that user Bob can dominate 20 fast (high MIPS) slots for a
>> weeks and that user Joe can dominate 10 fast slots. We don't need
>> either; it's fine if Bob and Joe simply take over the fast slots as
they come
>> free.
>> Can the priority system I've described be set up with Condor? I can't
glean how
>> from the manual myself. A per-user "static group quota"? Perhaps I
>> misunderstand the default algorithm and what I can do with
>> If I understand correctly I need to customize the default algorithm
in two
>> ways: 1) I don't want relative EUPs to determine allocations. I want
>> explicitly guarantee a user X slots regardless of what anybody has
been doing.
>> 2) Half-life and usage time are irrelevant; I want my explicit
"priorities" to
>> persist indefinitely until manually changed.

I guess RANK clauses on the fast machines in the style of
'RANK = (Owner == "Bob")' would suffice, but I hope there's a more
elegant way.
Repeatedly editing the fast machine configs would be very unwieldy.