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[Condor-users] about group accounting

To use an accounting group, each job inserts an attribute into the job ClassAd which defines the accounting group name for the job. 
I do as it says.

executable              =       a
universe                =       vanilla
output                  =       aoutput
log                     =       alog
error                   =       aerror
should_transfer_files   =       yes
when_to_transfer_output =       on_exit
queue   2

Then I submitted it and it went well. 
But the result is as follows:

slot1@xxxxxxx LINUX  X86_64 0.000  yangguang@xxxxxxxx   tree.org
slot2@xxxxxxx LINUX  X86_64 0.000  yangguang@xxxxxxxx   tree.org

The username is still yangguang.
Is there something wrong?
How to see if the group I specified has been used?