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Re: [Condor-users] Job requirements not satisfied even when Requirements = TRUE

Mr. Cafaro,

The job's requirements expression is probably being appended to after it is submitted.  Usually, the requirements in the submission file are logically and-ed (&&) with an expression that says what the job needs from its execution machine in terms of file transfer.  When the job is in the queue, run something like 'condor_q -long <Job_Cluster_ID> | grep -i ^Requirements', where <Job_Cluster_ID> is the ID for the job you just submitted.  There you will see the Requirement expression in its entirety.  Most likely, you are asking Condor to do a file transfer mechanism that isn't supported by your environment.  See Section 2.5.4, "Submitting Jobs Without a Shared File System: Condor’s File Transfer Mechanism," in the Condor manual (7.6.1 for me) for more information and note when it talks about "FileSystemDomain" and the like as this is one of the things appended to the job's Requirements expression depending on the type of file transfer desired.

Best Regards,
 ~ Garrett K.
Washington and Lee University

On Aug 31, 2011, at 9:18 PM, Mark Cafaro wrote:

> I am submitting sh_loop.cmd (from the condor examples) to my manager. It matches with a node and sends the job off. The node, however, refuses to accept the job claiming "Job requirements not satisfied.". 
> The job is set with Requirements = TRUE. How can requirements not be satisfied and how can a match be made if the requirements were not satisfied?
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