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Re: [Condor-users] bind failed: WSAError = 10055 and 10048

Thanks Todd!

I was examining some machines that are loosing connection to the CM and jobs are stuck in the queue because of that. When the schedd node loses connection to the CM, also happens the following message

11/22 08:42:24 (pid:4224) attempt to connect to <> failed: timed out after 20 seconds.
11/22 08:42:24 (pid:4224) ERROR: SECMAN:2004:Failed to create security session to <> with TCP.|SECMAN:2003:TCP connection to <> failed.
11/22 08:42:24 (pid:4224) Failed to start non-blocking update to <>.
11/22 08:42:25 (pid:4224) attempt to connect to <> failed: connect errno = 10060.  Will keep trying for 45 total seconds (24 to go).

When I restart the Condor service, communication is restablished and jobs start again.
Seems both messages are related.

I have never seem this behavior or messages before on neither of our department pools. This particular one is located in another site but on the same domain. I will seek other department pools to see if these messages occur there too.

I will also look into the references you have listed.

I will come back soon with more informations.


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22/11/2011 14:40

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Re: [Condor-users] bind failed: WSAError = 10055 and 10048

kschwarz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Environment: Condor 7.2.4, Windows XP
> I am getting the following message in the MasterLog, SchedLog, and
> StartdLog files on a Window Desktop:
> 11/22 04:21:28 bind failed: WSAError = 10055
> 11/22 04:21:28 SafeSock::connect bind() failed: _state = 1

Winsock Error 10055 = WSAENOBUFS, the system has not enough memory or
other system resources to open new TCP/IP socket or to handle socket data.

Does the problem happen consistently?  If you reboot this XP machine,
does the problem still persist?  Is this happening on many XP machines
in your shop?  If the answer is yes to any of the questions, it may be
possible we have a bug in the code to hunt down.  If the answer is
generally no, then there may not be much we can do code-wise as the
problem is environmental --- some common internet wisdom on
environmental causes of the WSAENOBUFS error:

You receive an error message when you run a custom Winsock network
programon a Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2-based computer.

When you try to connect from TCP ports greater than 5000 you receive the
error 'WSAENOBUFS (10055)'
(thought: perhaps you could specify a port range in the condor config
file to get around this one? if this turns out to help, let us know,
perhaps we should change default configuration on windows limit the port

You can also use TCPView to monitor how many TCP connections opened in
your process when this issue happens:
TCPView for Windows v2.51

hope this helps,

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