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[Condor-users] MPI job submission script configuration


  I have setup condor pool with 2 dedicated resources (for MPI jobs), one of them with dedicated scheduler. I am running MPI jobs (MPICH2) with say 2 processes, I want these to go on 2 different machines (the one's which are configured as dedicated resources)

  What I am seeing is that condor creates 2 processes and puts it on the same machine. How do I specify in the job submission script for it to start these 2 processes on different machines ?

  My current job submission script is as follows :

  universe = parallel
  executable = /var/spool/condor/etc/examples/mp2script
  arguments = /home/kunal/condor/examples/hello_mpi
  machine_count = 2
  +WantIOProxy = True
  Output = hello_mpi.out
  error = hello_mpi.err
  Log = hello_mpi.log
  should_transfer_files = yes
  when_to_transfer_output = on_exit
  +ParallelShutdownPolicy = "WAIT_FOR_ALL"
  transfer_input_files = /home/kunal/condor/examples/hello_mpi

  I want to specify something like: start process 1 on machine1 and process 2 on machine2. How do I specify that ?

Thanks & Regards,