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Re: [Condor-users] calculate memory usage

condor_status -const DynamicSlot=?=True \
   -f "%s  " Name \
   -f "%d MiB  " "ImageSize/1024" \
   -f "%d MiB  " Memory \
   -f "%6.2f%%" "ImageSize/1024.0/Memory*100" \
   -f "\n" NewLine

By default condor_startd send periodically every 15 minutes attribute changes
to condor_shadow, so this can be reason why output of previous command will not 
be up to date. If you would like to change it, take a look at configuration 



On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 09:28:16PM -0500, Rita wrote:
> Running condor 7.4.2 collector.
> I would like to get a machine´s memory usage percentage when using dynamic
> slots.
> Lets say I have a 4 core box with 16 gigs of memory and I am running 2 jobs
> which are requesting 8 gigs of memory but the jobs are only occupying 2
> gigs of memory. The memory usage percentage should be 20%. Is there a way
> to get this using condor_status ?
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