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Re: [Condor-users] Job held

Thank you for email.
What are the steps to check these problems. 

With Best Regards

On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 10:54 AM, Carsten Aulbert <carsten.aulbert@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Sunil

On Thursday 09 June 2011 06:19:42 Sunil M. Dogra wrote:
> I got follwoing error  for my jobid 1.0
> condor_q -submitter sunil -analyze 1.0
> Warning:  Found no submitters
> -- Submitter: sunil@xxxxxxxxxxx : <> : cdrstdu.edu
> ---
> 001.000:  Request is held.
> Hold reason: Error from slot1@xxxxxxxxxxx: Failed to open
> '/home/sunil/test.out' as standard output: Permission denied (errno 13)

you should check why the job could not open
on cdrstdu.edu

Permission denied could be anything, from wrong UID to NFS issues.

Hard to guess remotely, what's wrong.