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[Condor-users] Spaces in filename

Hello, I would like to submit a job where the "Arguments" field contains a filename with a space, such as:

Arguments = /file/path/file1 name.ext /file/path/file2name.ext

I have tried many combinations of double quotes, single quotes, escaped quotes around /file/path/file1 name.ext, and escaping the space, but still get errors when I submit. I'm not able to modify this filename to remove the space.

A similar question was answered here:


The solution was to use double quotes, add a '+' at the start of the line to bypass error checking, and change the field, in this case "output" to the actual job classad name "out". I tried double quotes with the '+', but I have not been able to find the actual classad name for "Arguments". Any help on this or other solutions would be appreciated.