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[Condor-users] STARTER_ALLOW_RUNAS_OWNER + credd stuff not working

> condor_store_cred -c add
Account: condor_pool@xxxxxxxxxx
Enter password: [never prompted. Error below follows instantly.]
Operation failed.
    Make sure you have CONFIG access to the target Master.
> condor_q -analyze
Condition                         Machines Matched    Suggestion
    ---------                         ----------------    ----------
1   ( TARGET.HasWindowsRunAsOwner && ( TARGET.LocalCredd is
"nurse.metsci.com:9620" ) )
                                      0                   REMOVE

I cannot figure out how to get the run_as_owner stuff to work. The
condor_store_cred and "condor_store_cred -c" commands fail and I can
understand no explanation from the logs.

I run through the most recent installer on two XP machines. Nurse is the
central manager. Tiger is submit only. ALLOW_CONFIG and ALLOW_WRITE are
"*" on both machines.
I merge the etc/condor_config.local.credd stuff into both
configurations. Only the DAEMON_LIST and central manager differ between
the two. Credd is indeed running on both, and Tiger's credd settings
point to Nurse.

On the central manager condor_store_cred runs fine. On the submit
machine (Tiger), I get the behavior you see above.

When I submit a job requiring run_as_owner, the match making fails as
shown above by condor_q. I have no idea how to proceed.