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[Condor-users] Added Err and Out classads and submitting via web service: not being set

Sorry for the duplicate, accidentally hit enter key and sent prior to completing.

I am attempting to set the sterr and stout file names as classads, but they are not included in the job's classad when submitting via web service.  It is difficult to troubleshoot a job that fails without these files.  Other classads and custom classads are added successfully.  

As an example, in java the following is added to the ClassAdStruct

jobAd.getItem().add(classAdHelper.createAttribute("Out", "Out_test.out", ClassAdAttrType.STRING_ATTR));

where the classAdHelper merely creates the attribute in this case:

    public ClassAdStructAttr createAttribute(String name, String value, ClassAdAttrType type) {
        ClassAdStructAttr attribute = new ClassAdStructAttr();
        return attribute;

The classad of the job indicates:

Out = "/dev/null"
Err = "/dev/null"

We are submitting through a single schedd and would like the out/err files transferred back to that box.

Appreciate any feedback.