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Re: [Condor-users] Avoid to delete temporary files

On Wednesday, May 04, 2011 03:40:41 PM Burnett, Ben wrote:
> Hi Joaquin:
> By temporary files, I assume you mean the sand-box on the execute machine,
> correct?  Rather than trying to disable the clean up, you can actually log
> in to the execute machine while it is running the job.  If the job exits
> to quickly, you could add a long sleep to it at some point in the
> execution, to give you time to log in remotely.
> Condor provides a really nice command line tool to jump on to the machine
> where your job is running.  First, use condor_q to get the job cluster and
> process (or use the one printed on submit).  Then, from the command line,
> run the following:
> condor_ssh_to_job cluster.proc
> Where 'cluster' is the cluster id, and 'proc' is the process.

Note that, while very useful to us Linux users, condor_ssh_to_job is not 
available for Windows.


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