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Re: [Condor-users] Avoid to delete temporary files

Hi Joaquin:

By temporary files, I assume you mean the sand-box on the execute machine, correct?  Rather than trying to disable the clean up, you can actually log in to the execute machine while it is running the job.  If the job exits to quickly, you could add a long sleep to it at some point in the execution, to give you time to log in remotely.

Condor provides a really nice command line tool to jump on to the machine where your job is running.  First, use condor_q to get the job cluster and process (or use the one printed on submit).  Then, from the command line, run the following: 

condor_ssh_to_job cluster.proc

Where 'cluster' is the cluster id, and 'proc' is the process.


On 2011-05-04, at 1:38 PM, Joaquin Monedero wrote:

> Hi all
> Is there any way to avoid condor to delete temporary files? (in order to
> debug)
> Regards
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> Ignorance is bliss
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