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Re: [Condor-users] Condor and DHCP

Condor 7.6 has a new algorithm for choosing the network interface to advertise. In 7.4, the algorithm relies on DNS records for the hostname. In 7.6, the algorithm no longer depends on DNS. Instead, it looks at the list of network interfaces and chooses one. If you don't like the choice it makes, you can restrict its freedom of choice via NETWORK_INTERFACE, which in 7.6 can be an interface name or IP address, either of which may contain wildcards.


On 5/11/11 2:35 PM, Sarunas Burdulis wrote:
We have a core of our Condor cluster running on machines with statically
assigned addresses and all is fine. Version 7.4, amd64 Linux. I would
like to add some DHCP-configured (with dynamic DNS updates) Linux
workstations to the pool, but I cannot figure out condor_config.local
settings for a dynamic node. When NETWORK_INTERFACE is not specified,
Condor node always seems to advertise itself to the central manager as I tried BIND_ALL_INTERFACES=true|false and setting the
DEFAULT_DOMAIN_NAME. Is there a trick to make Condor advertise the
DHCP-configured external interface instead of