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Re: [Condor-users] ImageSize Problems (+ documentation typo)

> 2. adjust the SYSTEM_PERIODIC_HOLD expression.  Perhaps it should look at ResidentSetSize instead of ImageSize?  (ResidentSetSize is available in Condor 7.6.)  Unfortunately, that is not perfect.  A job might be able to cause thrashing but not have a strikingly huge resident set size.  It also may over-count memory that is shared between processes in the job.  In Condor 7.7.0, there will be a new job attribute ProportionalSetSizeKb, which measures PSS as reported by Linux.  This is like ImageSize (i.e. VSIZE), but it has the advantage of not over-counting memory that is shared between the multiple processes in a job.

Thanks Dan, this seems to have solved that for me for now. I'll look forward to ProportionalSetSizeKb when that comes out.

> Unfortunately, the Memory attribute of the machine is in megabytes.  The ImageSize attribute in the job is in kilobytes.  Confusing!

Thanks for the clarification, I see the suffix on: ProportionalSetSizeKb !

Thanks again, Dan

Dan O'Donovan Ph.D
SBGrid Consortium
Harvard Medical School