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Re: [Condor-users] ImageSize Problems (+ documentation typo)

>> PS (Typo: where the documentation reads "You will need to change 1024
>> to a reasonably good estimate of the actual image size of your
>> program, in kilobytes" I think that should be megabytes - as earlier
>> we are told that Memory is measured in megabytes).
> Unfortunately, the Memory attribute of the machine is in megabytes. 
> The ImageSize attribute in the job is in kilobytes.  Confusing! 

Right, so the statement:

( Memory > 1024 )

Means the system needs to have > 1024 MB available, or > 1 GB.  If I
were to replace "1024" with a reasonably good estimate of my programs
memory requirements in KB, and the requirements were ~ 512 MB, or (512 *
1024) KB, then according to the current text in the documentation (to my
reading), I should enter

( Memory > (512 * 1024) )

But I'm pretty sure that is wrong.  I'd still stand by the statement
that there is a typo in the docs.

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