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Re: [Condor-users] ImageSize Problems (+ documentation typo)

On 5/20/11 3:21 PM, Ian Stokes-Rees wrote:
PS (Typo: where the documentation reads "You will need to change 1024
to a reasonably good estimate of the actual image size of your
program, in kilobytes" I think that should be megabytes - as earlier
we are told that Memory is measured in megabytes).
Unfortunately, the Memory attribute of the machine is in megabytes.
The ImageSize attribute in the job is in kilobytes.  Confusing!
Right, so the statement:

( Memory>  1024 )

Means the system needs to have>  1024 MB available, or>  1 GB.  If I
were to replace "1024" with a reasonably good estimate of my programs
memory requirements in KB, and the requirements were ~ 512 MB, or (512 *
1024) KB, then according to the current text in the documentation (to my
reading), I should enter

( Memory>  (512 * 1024) )

But I'm pretty sure that is wrong.  I'd still stand by the statement
that there is a typo in the docs.

You are correct!  Fixing...