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[Condor-users] Central CREDD and multiple department pools


We are running Condor v7,4,4 on some departament pools of Windows machines. We also configured a Super-pool (according to the Admin´s How To Recipe: "How to have execute machines belong to multiple pools") with a CM running Linux and a Credd running on a Windows Machine. Credd works perfectly with execute machines that belong to the Superpool.

1) How could I configure the sub-pool machines to authenticate to that main Credd in the super-pool?

2) Another question is about the How To Recipe itself: in the example configuration of a sub-pool there is a line saying "# trust both negotiators" but the ALLOW_NEGOTIATOR includes only the COLLECTOR_HOST of the sub-pool. Is this correct?

condor_config_val ALLOW_NEGOTIATOR reports only the sub-pool CM !


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