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[Condor-users] How do I configure a condor server on the same machine as the collector


We do have a small condor cluster and we would like to generate history
As we do not want an additional machine running the condor view server
and condor view client we would like to run this on the master server
(collector and scheduler).
Is this possible?
If so, how should we set that up?
Unfortunately the manual only seems to mention separate machines.

Any help would be welcome.

Best regards,
Hermann Fuchs
DI Hermann Fuchs
Div. Medical Radiation Physics
Department of Radiotherapy
Med. Univ. Vienna / AKH Vienna
Währinger Gürtel 18-20
A-1090 Wien

Tel.  + 43 / 1 / 40 400 7271
Mail. hermann.fuchs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx