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Re: [Condor-users] USE_VISIBLE_DESKTOP broken with Win 7 ???

Part of the new Vista/Win7 security features is the prohibit services from sharing a desktop with users. It is no longer possible on Vista/Win7 to see the job's window on the same desktop as programs that were started interactively. Services now have their own desktop.

So to see the window from the Condor job, you have to configure Vista/Win7 to detect interactive services, and then it will give you a way to switch desktops. The instructions on how to enable interactive services are here http://ben.versionzero.org/wiki/Condor_Enable_Visible_Desktop_on_Vista

Once you have done that, when a Condor job starts, Windows will pop up a message box asking if you want to switch to
the services desktop, where the Condor job's window is.


On 11/4/2011 5:17 AM, Smith, Ian wrote:
Dear All,

I've noticed recently that USE_VISIBLE_DESKTOP seems to
have stopped working with Windows 7 using Condor 7.6.2.
Has anybody else seen this or know of a workaround/fix.

I find this a really useful feature for debugging - particularly
for MATLAB apps which have annoying tendency to display
error messages in pop windows rather than writing to stderr.



Dr Ian C. Smith,
Advanced Research Computing,
University of Liverpool.

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