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[Condor-users] Can't add machines into my condor pool

Hi everyone.

I have a problem about adding machines into my condor pool. 

I've installed condor(7.6.3) on three machines which run same OS (Fedora 14), and set one of them as a central manager.

The central machine, by itself alone, submits and executes jobs successfully. 

However, when i execute condor_status command (both on the manager and other machines), it only shows the slots of the central manager. (Turning on/off firewall doesn't changed anything, so network isn't the reason)

I modified ALLOW_WRITE and ALLOW_READ of condor_config files of machines (both of local and global to be sure) to include IP addresses of the machines like follows, but condor_status shows just same number of slot.s

ALLOW_READ = xxx.xxx.xxx.1, xxx.xxx.xxx.2, xxx.xxx.xxx.3
ALLOW_WRITE = xxx.xxx.xxx.1, xxx.xxx.xxx.2, xxx.xxx.xxx.3

Can anyone help me please?

Dongha Jung.