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[Condor-users] setting a default for request_memory in condor_submit

I really appreciate the addition of the dynamic partitioning in 7.4.  It
will enable me to replace a lot of complex configuration settings.

Unfortunately, one thing I can't seem to find a way to do is to set a
default request_memory size of other than the size of the executable.
The users I'm supporting here run relatively small binary jobs with
massive RSSs. We need to be able to accurately part out a system so they
aren't causing it to swap by sending too many large jobs to the same box.

I would like to set a reasonable minimum size in case a user forgets to
set request_memory in their submit file.  In looking at
I see several DEFAULT_ entries but none for REQUEST_MEMORY.  Am I being
blind and missing the obvious?  Is there some other way I can reliably
set a default?