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[Condor-users] Query SubmitterGroupQuota parameter?


I'm trying to define a rule in order to make the PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS work.
I'm still consider myself as a new baby when it comes to condor.

based on my previous email https://www-auth.cs.wisc.edu/lists/condor-users/2011-July/msg00060.shtml I'm trying to define to following (Thanks to Ian)

PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS = ((SubmitterGroupQuota =!= UNDEFINED && (SubmitterGroupResourcesInUse < SubmitterGroupQuota)) &&  ((RemoteGroupQuota=?=UNDEFINED) || (RemoteGroupResourcesInUse > RemoteGroupQuota)))

However I can't make it work
Is there any way to query the SubmitterGroupResourcesInUse or RemoteGroupQuota attributes while the system is running?