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[Condor-users] build from src - download boost


I am attempting to build 7.6.4 from source on RHEL5.  'cmake .' completed successfully.  But then 'make install' results in a reachback to parrot.cs.wisc.edu for an external, which isn't accessible.  Is this external required?  Are there make options to exclude this or some other means to get boost any any other externals?

[root@central-manager condor-7.6.4]# make install
[  0%] Performing download step for 'boost'
--2011-11-22 16:52:49--  http://parrot.cs.wisc.edu/externals/boost_1_39_0.tar.gz
Resolving parrot.cs.wisc.edu... make[2]: *** [externals/bundles/boost/1.39.0/boost-prefix/src/boost-stamp/boost-download] Interrupt
make[1]: *** [externals/bundles/boost/1.39.0/CMakeFiles/boost.dir/all] Interrupt
make: *** [all] Interrupt

The reason building from source is to access condor_quill and condor_dbmsd and associated database schema files; any other options to access those other than building from source?

Appreciate any insights!