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[Condor-users] Windows MSI Installer bug?

Morning all,
I've been upgrading our condor pool and hit a problem, now resolved. However, I thought I'd report it in case it's not just me and there is a wider problem!

When I use the latest stable windows installer ( condor-7.6.3-winnt-x86.msi ), whether manually or scripted, I've noticed that HOSTALLOWWRITE (or 'hosts with write access' in the gui install) in the installation seems to be ignored. The behaviour I would expect is for this field to be added to the ALLOW_WRITE line in condor_config (is this the right expectation?!). However, this doesn't seem to be happening, instead it's sticking to its default:


I apologies if this has been flagged before or I'm reporting to the wrong place - please correct me if this is the case! And, let me know if you'd like more information.

Best regards,


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