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[Condor-users] How to filter out hyperthreading CPU cores


In our condor cluster we have several workstations configured to use
hyperthreading (e.g. virtual CPU cores from INTEL CPUs).
Condor seems to recognise virtual hyperthreaded CPU cores as real ones
and evenly divides recources.

For example a workstation with a four core Intel CPU would then appear
as an eight core workstation, which we would like to avoid.

We do not want to use such virtual CPU cores but can not enforce their
hardware sided (e.g in the BIOS) deactivation. Is there a way that
condor somehow "filters" them out and announces only real CPU cores?

Can condor distinguish real cores from virtual ones? 
I suppose manually declaring 4 CPU cores may not work because all 4
declared cores might be running on virtual cores...

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