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Re: [Condor-users] problem configuring condor configuration file


As far as I know, the standard Condor installation from Ubuntu's software repository has most of the features you want and all of the features you need to create a Condor cluster.  Installing is as simple as running 'sudo apt-get install condor'.  Unfortunately, I have found that (at least with the Fedora repository) certain features like checkpointing are not available if you install from the repository.  If this is a problem, download and install the .deb file from the Condor project website.
As far as configuration goes, a standard installation should come with the default "personal Condor" configuration settings.  To add more machines to your pool, modify such configuration settings as "ALLOW_READ" and "ALLOW_WRITE" and make sure your firewall does not block port 9618 for your machines.  For an example global configuration file, go to <http://condor.cs.wlu.edu/condor/config/condor_config_global> to see our pool's global configuration file.
For more information about installation and configuration, look through the W&L Condor project wiki at condor.cs.wlu.edu.

Best Regards,
 - Garrett K.
Washington and Lee University

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I am unable to configure condor on UBUNTU10.04. please do let me know how to configure the condor_configuration file and installation instructions.
When we are running condor_q it is only displaying local host, whereas it should display all the machines in the pool.

Thanks in advance.