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Re: [Condor-users] specify job requirements for multi-thread job

On 09/03/2011 04:14 AM, Yu Huang wrote:

Has anyone successfully requested multiple cpus for one multi-thread job?

I'm doing this:

priority = 20
requestcpus = 3
requirements = (memory>=3000)

The job still occupies one cpu, rather than two. resulting my condorpool
over-saturated 2X threads.

To fill in the context, I'm submitting jobs to condor through pegasus



RequestCPUs only works on partitionable slots. If you want to be sure your job only runs on a machine with 3 CPUs to give your job you can add CPUs >= 3 to your Requirements. Of course, that'll likely just cause your job never to run without extra configuration on your execute nodes to create slots with multiple CPUs, by default they all have 1.