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[Condor-users] Need to specify execute directory instead of dir_XXX

The condor 7.6.1 manual says "...a new temporary working directory for
the job on the execute machine.  This directory is named “dir_XXX”,
where XXX is the process ID of the condor_starter.  The directory is
created in the $(EXECUTE) directory as specified in Condor’s
configuration file."

But, I have a peculiar application which needs to know the name of
Condor's execute directories, on every remote machine. The easiest
would be to simply specify the execute directory name in the
condor_config file. Is this possible?

If not the XXX part of the directory name is the PID...how can I have
the submitting machine know the PID on each remote (execute) machine?


Ralph Finch
Delta Modeling Section
California Dept. of Water Resources
Sacramento, California USA