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Re: [Condor-users] Need to specify execute directory instead of dir_XXX

On 09/13/2011 04:37 PM, Ralph Finch wrote:
The condor 7.6.1 manual says "...a new temporary working directory for
the job on the execute machine.  This directory is named “dir_XXX”,
where XXX is the process ID of the condor_starter.  The directory is
created in the $(EXECUTE) directory as specified in Condor’s
configuration file."

But, I have a peculiar application which needs to know the name of
Condor's execute directories, on every remote machine. The easiest
would be to simply specify the execute directory name in the
condor_config file. Is this possible?

If not the XXX part of the directory name is the PID...how can I have
the submitting machine know the PID on each remote (execute) machine?


Ralph Finch
Delta Modeling Section
California Dept. of Water Resources
Sacramento, California USA

I don't think you can control that name. Why does the application need to know? If it just needs to know the Cwd for the running jobs you can control that with initial_dir on submission. The dir_XYZ can be thought of as just a scratch space for the job.