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[Condor-users] Are "optional machine-specific local config files" executable

Having now deployed a second (and working) windows version of Condor
using the latest 7.6.1 MSI file, I notice that there there's now
the following stanza in the config file.

##  Where are optional machine-specific local config files located?
##  Config files are included in lexicographic order.
LOCAL_CONFIG_DIR        = $(LOCAL_DIR)/config

Can files in this directory be classed, by Condor, as an executable,
perhaps based on permissions, extensions, or "magic number", or
combination thereof ?

What I am hoping for is that, on windows, putting a .BAT file in
the optional config directory would be the equivalent of doing
something like

LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE       = $(LOCAL_DIR)/etc/vuwconfig.bat|

with the pipe indicating that you want a dynamic/executable
config, for the complete local configuration.

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