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[Condor-users] Problem with UID_DOMAIN

I have installed condor 7.8.1 from the deb_6.0 package under Ubuntu 12.04.

I have one node which is a master, one which is execute only, and one which
is execute and submit.

I'm having trouble getting jobs to run as the correct user. In
/etc/condor/condor_config.local I have set UID_DOMAIN = int.example.com on
all three hosts (real domain name elided, but it's definitely the same on
all three).

But when I run the following job:

=== test1.sub ===
executable = test1.sh
output = test1.out.$(process)
error = test1.err.$(process)
queue 4

=== test1.sh ===
set -e
echo $$
touch /gluster/scratch/dbbuild/tmp.$(hostname).$$

Then output shows that two instances show they are running as user (me), and
two as user "nobody" (and hence doesn't have rights for the final 'touch'

It turns out that I have the same *usernames* on the boxes, but these are
with different *uids*. Is that the problem, or does condor do username->uid
lookups whenever required? Could there be something else which is forcing
user "nobody"?

I have grepped the logfiles and the word "nobody" doesn't occur anywhere.