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Re: [Condor-users] Setting environment variable to hold remote working dir

> Maybe the test framework already passes through all environment
> variables it receives to the child?  You must have believed this to be
> true, otherwise your first attempt of setting
>     environment = "FOO=BAR"
> would never have achieved anything in the first place. So I'd start by
> trying that.

Yes, it does pass all environment variables. But I don't want to use those TMP or _CONDOR_* names - I want to set a specific environment variable that is already used by my application (and has a name that makes sense).

> Also, maybe the test framework leaves the working directory unchanged
> when it runs the sub-process. In that case problem is solved too.

No, that's not the case - as I wrote in my first post.

> If neither of those are true, then I think you'll need to run a small
> wrapper script for the job:
>     #!/bin/sh
>     run_the_framework myprog --pass-some-
> (or equivalent .bat file if you are using Windows).

I'll investigate that option. Still a little awkward - would be nicer if Condor would have the possibility of setting environment variables on the execution side..

Thanks again Brian!